30/ 12/ 2015

70’s Vibe

IMG_0851 (2)

I have been working really hard trying to get my new site up and going. I wanted to do something really fun and fashion forward for my first post. I saw this dress and I new it would be the perfect thing to give you a real feel of my personality. I have to say I usually dress fairly casual, however I really love dresses. I am really loving how lace is so in fashion right now. It’s really classic and feminine, and transitions well  for day or night. I paired it with some knee high boots since I was wearing it during the day and didn’t want to show to much skin. Hope you guys like the new site and this look! Xoxo





IMG_0879 (2)


2 responses to “70’s Vibe”

  1. Marisa says:

    Love the new site, it looks great! And that dress is gorgeous!


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