16/ 01/ 2018

Blogger Issues: Tips and Tricks


Oh blogging. It’s such and overused word anymore, everyone wants to be a blogger. So how do you stand out in a world that so heavily relies on social media and image? The number one question I get asked about how do I keep blogging without a heavy Instagram following? And really what is the point? Keep reading

  1. Try to be yourself: This is my number one tip because of how hard it is. There are so many influencers now and they are so good at influencing people that it is really hard not to try and emulate them. I will see a picture or a look that I want to try and re-create and for some reason I can never quite make it work. You have to know that your power is being you. No one else can, and if you can stay true and consistent you will grow a strong following.
  2. Be social: This is probably what I need to work on the most. I feel like I have gotten to know so many talented bloggers over the years and have so much respect for them, but I don’t neccesarily let them know that. I will like their pictures of read their posts but never really comment. Commenting and creating conversation is how you build relationships on social media. I do however always try to respond to comments people leave me, or any questions that I get.
  3. Take good pictures: I don’t care if it’s with your phone, a super expensive camera or what. But your pictures need to make people feel something. They have to create a reaction. This doesn’t mean they have to be super extreme, but in order to stand out you need to brand yourself by your images. People need to see and image and almost immediately know who that blogger is. I’m still working on this and sometimes I get really behind or just need to post a picture of a product and I don’t take the time to photograph it correctly and I almost immediately regret it. I feel like quality over quantity is very important when I comes to social media.
  4. Share information that people can use: Whether you are sharing a product or advice make sure your audience can use it in some way. I feel like so many people think bloggers just want to take pictures of themselves and are very self absorbed. So you really have to let people know that you are here to help them and really just want to recommend tips or tricks that you have learned and they can try too.
  5. At the end of the day you are creating a brand. You always have to be mindful of your core idea. My brand name is ultimately what I am at the core. I wear denim pretty much daily and the dreams part comes into play because I love more lux accessories. So when I’m deciding whether or not I want to work for a brand or promote something, I really try to reflect back on what I know I’m comfortable wearing and try to be very authentic. It is hard to turn down companies trying to give you stuff or people wanting to advertise on your blog. But you have to step back and look at if it really fits. Otherwise promoting something that you really don’t believe in will come across that way.

My goal is to really grow my blog this year. It has always been sort of a fun side hobby with out a lot of pressure. But I have found I enjoy it so much that I really want to make it something! Thanks for following along. I’m looking forward to an exciting 2018! Xoxo, Amy

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