20/ 11/ 2017

Comfy Cozy

Happy Monday! We enjoyed a beautiful Fall weekend in San Francisco and it was quintessential sweater weather {my favorite weather} I especially love quality cashmere, for me it feels like heaven. I cannot stand an itchy sweater, it makes my skin crawl. Cashmere is definitely an investment, not just the up front price, but the cost to care for it. However if you do take care of them they can last forever. I always look for cashmere sweaters in neutral colors so they can be worn with everything. I love the ruffle on this since I’m usually wearing denim or casual pants I love how it feels more feminine. One other tip for keeping your cashmere sweaters in top shape, always fold them in drawers {don’t hang them} once they are stretched out it is almost impossible to get back the original shape. Happy Shopping! Thanks for stopping by, Amy

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