12/ 04/ 2017

Things I like – Spring Edition

When I first started my blog I really just wanted it to be a space for inspiration. I didn’t really set out to just post pictures of me and my outfits. So lately I have been trying to get back to that and just share things I like, or images I have seen that give me inspiration. I also want to give you a chance to buy the products I have either tried or purchased in order to achieve the looks in your day to day life. When I take inspiration from something I try to never look at it to literally, instead take a small detail or color and apply it to my style.

Embellishment: This will be everywhere soon I feel like. Sequins, pearls, studs. I feel like it will replace a lot of the embroidered detail we have seen the last few seasons.

Denim: The fact the denim is going down some of the most anticipated and watched runway shows makes me very confident that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. It is getting a little more easy and slouchy, but vintage classic styles will never lose there appeal either.

Makeup: Glowing skin is where it’s at right now. The dewier {not sure that’s a word, but} the better. There are really great easy ways to achieve the look with just one or two makeup additions. Gold and copper eye shadow is another favorite. It is super flattering on everyone and pretty foolproof. A great tan, which should come from a bottle, is another thing I am lusting for after a long winter. The self tanner I am obsessed with is Sjolie Instant Airbrush Self Tanner {it is only sold on their site or in salons, but it is worth tracking down}

Colors: Gold. Its everywhere this Spring. Shoes, jewelry, anything. Delicate necklaces layered or multiple dainty hoop earings are the perfect compliment to some of the more adorned clothing.

Hair: I recently chopped me hair and am now growing it out. So I was looking for some mid length inspiration. I am really liking a more blunt cut that’s sort of wavy and messy. I just use a flat iron to achieve the waves. Keep it simple.

Lifestyle: We are getting ready to head to Hawaii soon and since I always overpack, this time I just want to bring some great basic swimsuits in styles that are easy to wear at the beach or running around the island. I am loving black simple styles that have sort of a 1990’s vibe. They sit higher on the hip, and almost have an athletic feel.

Art: I am loving really graphic images right now. Colorful and bold that compliment extremely simple backdrops. I’m always interested in the art/fashion relationship. They are so intertwined.  A very graphic manicure with a black top and jeans make for a super modern look.

Hope you guys enjoy these images. I love finding things that inspire me and hopefully you as well!

Images Courtesy of Pinterest  {follow me on Pinterest at Blue jeans and dreams}

Artwork courtesy Nathan Wong  { Instagram @untitled1 }

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