23/ 03/ 2017

Skirt Season

There have been a handful of days lately that have been warm and sunny and really felt like Spring. Typically I don’t wear ( or own) very many skirts. But with the weather changing I have been feeling like something other that pants or jeans. Skirts also seem to be very prominent in stores right now. With designers really focusing on them it makes for a lot of nice options. In this post I’m focusing on above the knee styles and have linked a few that I really like at the bottom. I probably sound like a broken record but getting something in black or denim will really allow you some serious wear. I look for items where the fabric is nice and sturdy, nothing that will wrinkle super easy. And anything with some stretch will make for a much more comfortable fit. I really like skirts with sneakers or boots for everyday casual wear. I have worn this one plenty with a grey sweatshirt and converse. See what you think! XOXO Amy

Location: San Francisco

Skirt: Acne “Peri”

Boots: Isabel Marant

Shirt: Petersyn


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