19/ 01/ 2017

To Buy or not to Buy?


Even after being in and around the fashion industry for so many years, I have to say I still get sticker shock sometimes when learning the price of things. When I worked in retail I would get these amazing discounts and would justify my purchases simply based on the fact I had somewhere to wear all of the things I would buy. That has changed for me though in the last six or so years as I decided to stay at home with my kids while they were young. All of the fancy clothes and high heels took a back seat and can sometimes sit in the boxes for months . I have also really had to be mindful of my purchases. I have learned that day to day jeans and a tee or sweater is my go to uniform. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. I have found that sneakers can be extremely fashionable (especially with a dress or skirt) and washable fabrics have come a long way. Making those investments years ago has really allowed me so much longevity, especially with my accessories and shoes because they are still relevant in fashion today. What I have always thought is when you buy higher priced items from well respected fashion houses, you are also paying for there knowledge of what is happening at the moment as well as what is to come. For example if  you splurge on a classic Chanel handbag (which I did about 10 years ago) and do your research before on the best color and size for you, that is something you will literally be able to wear forever. Especially if you take care of it. They never go out of style, and with just the wear I have gotten with that bag alone, it has probably saved me from buying two or three other bags a year at a lower price point. Larger fashion houses are also going to back up there products. The trick with buying high priced items is making sure they are pieces you know that you will wear constantly. Making sure you buy black or other neutrals is important also. I would also suggest waiting and watching items that you are contemplating. If you still like it six months later than it is probably worth the investment. Here are some key wardrobe staples that I think are worth considering investing in:

  1. A great classic handbag (black, camel, or navy depending on your core wardrobe)
  2. A black heel – whatever height you prefer
  3. A comfortable, flattering dark wash pair of jeans ( skinny, straight or bootcut- avoid flare, they go in and out of style to often)
  4. A coat (wrap, trench, peacoat, longline ) that you can wear with almost anything in your closet
  5. A really soft classic sweater in a neutral color
  6. Sneakers ( again neutral, just know if you get white they won’t stay that way long unless you are careful)
  7. A nice trouser
  8. An ankle boot
  9. A black dress – nothing to short or to long ( wrap, shirtdress, or an fit and flare will never go out of style)
  10. A beautiful blouse

I mentioned the core wardrobe a moment ago. That is basically just looking at your closet and knowing what the basic color palette you gravitate towards or is the most flattering. For me the core of my wardrobe is black. So I usually buy black shoes or handbags. But if the core of you wardrobe is more navy or brown then black would not be the best color to invest in. I that case I would choose more greys (charcoal) or camel (beige). The whole point is that your closet is interchangeable. Basically every piece goes together . It makes getting dressed much easier and less stressful and it allows you to pull in a trendier piece when you want seamlessly. Here is a list of brands that I suggest for any of the items listed above:

Theory (trousers)

Vince (coats, tees)

Jimmy Choo (classic heels in many different heights)

Zara (I know this isn’t neccasarily a splurge, but some of my favorite coats are from here)

Saint Laurent (shoes, handbags)

Gucci (shoes, belts, handbags)

360 Cashmere ( super soft sweaters, good colors)

Mother denim (lots of great washes and high waisted options)

J brand Denim (great stretch)

J Crew (button front shirts)

Equipment (blouses)

Citizen of Humanity ( I like the Liya jean- which is featured in this post)

Converse (sneakers)

Golden Goose (sneakers)

Chanel (anything – especially handbags or slingbacks)

Celine (handbags, bracelets)

Diane Von Furstenberg (dresses)

Mansur Gavriel ( handbags)

Veronica Beard (blazers)







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  1. Candice says:

    This was a great post! Well done.

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