11/ 08/ 2016

Home sweet home


I think it is fair to say that my second favorite thing to shop for {after shoes} is furniture. I love looking at all different types of styles and mixing and matching modern with rustic pieces. I can’t stand clutter and tend to like black and whites or other neutral tones. If I use any color its red, for some reason it doesn’t freak me out. People always say Sonoma {where I am from} has a very certain style. I don’t know if I have it, I tend to just by things I really love. Its not exactly how I want it yet, there are so many things that I would like to update or change. It is a process and I decorating can be incredibly expensive so I have to just go little by little. In the meanwhile we are just wine country living and loving every minute of it! Thanks for stopping by, XOXO Amy



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