01/ 02/ 2016

Elevating you Wardrobe Staples

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I don’t think it is a big secret that for the most part I dress pretty “basic” in the sense that I don’t wear much color, or really accessorize much. I like outfits very straightforward and unfussy { if that’s a word} . Having said that, I do not always want to wear the same pieces either. So I look for classic pieces with interesting details. Like black jeans, I own many pairs of black jeans and wear them constantly. Finding things that are still basic enough to work with most of your wardrobe is sort of like winning the clothing jackpot. I have learned over the years that if you have to immediately buy something [or multiple things to go with something that you just bought ] it is probably not a great investment. I like my closet very interchangeable, and I think your clothes should work for you, not the other way around. I get asked a lot how I don’t get bored always wearing denim and black, and I think it is because what I find interesting are textures, fabulous accessories, and just over all personality that comes through with the clothes that you are wearing. XoXo, Amy









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