06/ 01/ 2016

Good Jeans

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Day to day I usually dress pretty basic. I love getting dressed up but I also think that the simplest, most classic clothes can be just as interesting. When I shop for pieces that I know I will wear and was a lot, I usually spend a little more and I am very particular about the fit. For me comfort is a big factor in the clothes that I buy, and I really think you can be comfortable and stylish. I also really look at the fabric content of things that will be right on my body. I love cotton and I always look for cotton pieces when I am shopping. My absolute favorite white button up is 100% cotton and feels as amazing as it did the day I bought it, even after being washed many times. Clothing that gets better with washing and wearing is usually a tell tale sign of the quality of the garment. For example my favorite pair of jeans that I wear prob 3-4 days a week, proably fit better now than when I first bought them. They have basically molded to my shape and I know I a can throw them on and not even look in the mirror. Vintage denim is great to. I have a new pair of Levis 501’s that I found vintage and took them to a tailor to have them fitted exactly how I  want. Spending a little more time and getting great basics can make getting dressed so much more fun! Check out how I styled my favorite jeans, white button up, and go to moto jacket! Xoxo










Jeans: Mother ” Stunner”

Shirt: Zirena- Available at The Loop Sonoma

Shoes: Marc Fisher [no longer available}

Jacket: Available link through  my shop page




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